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Questions frequently posted to us regarding Bharat Brand Ambassador Certification Course

1. What is Bharat Brand Ambassador Course?

It is an online course being offered by Bhaskaracharya Innovation and Life Skills Centre in association with Bharath Gyan to the school children, their parents, teachers as well as the alumni community of the school.

2. What is the course about?

It is a course designed by Bharath Gyan to build a mindset of confidence and dare among youth besides building brand ambassadors for India, who can articulate and hold forth on India right from India’s glorious past, her strengths and the relevance of her strengths for present times and future.

It is a course designed to give participants a glimpse into the evolution of World history and geopolitics from a perspective that includes the invaluable contributions from India that went towards shaping the world. It will enable participants to see how India i.e. they themselves, should ready themselves to contribute in shaping the future for India and the world at large.

3. Why should one enrol for this course?

This course is an opportunity to learn about aspects of India not discussed hitherto in curriculum or in public domain. It is also an opportunity to learn about India and one’s roots and identity from a wholistic, integrated and engaging manner.

Further, it is an opportunity for students to jointly study with their parents, subjects of common interest which is bound to improve bonding as well as quality of general interactions at home and society.

4. What are the benefits of this program?

Besides expanding one’s horizon and vision of world and world history, the explanation of the precepts that have guided the Indian civilization to achieve what it has, will be an eye opener to all. It will provide clarity to one’s way of thinking about world problems, other issues and life at large. It will equip one with enough knowledge and talking points about India to be able to stand out as a wise and learned individual in peer groups as well as professional community, thus improving opportunities for career and social growth. Besides all this, it will make one proud and confident of their roots and make them dare to live a more meaning and purposeful life.

5. What are the course contents?

The course is designed, based on the 4 volumes of Brand Bharat set of books from the Autobiography of India collection authored by Dr.D.K.Hari and Dr.D.K.Hema Hari, founders of Bharath Gyan. These 4 books will form the textbooks for this course besides other reading and viewing material referenceable online.

6. How many levels to be completed?

The Brand Bharat Ambassador Course is a full certificate course comprising of 4 Levels, each of which by itself will lead to a completion certificate for that Level.

At the successful completion of the 4th Level, the participant will be awarded with the Certificate as a “Bharat Brand Ambassador”.

7. Can you brief about each Level?

Each Level will cover the topics and content as discussed in the first 4 volumes of Brand Bharat books from Bharath Gyan, namely:

  1. Brand Bharat – Made In India
  2. Brand Bharat – Roots In India
  3. Brand Bharat – Unique To India
  4. Brand Bharat – Leads From India

Details of these books can be accessed from the website

8. How to make the payment?

Online payment link will be provided once registration and course enrolment are completed.

9. Is there a time duration for each level?

  • Yes. After the registration window is closed, the online course will be opened on the announced date.
  • Each Unit will have to be completed within a time window that will be specified at start of the Unit.
  • Each Unit will comprise of many sessions.
  • Participants may complete each session within the Unit at their own pace.
  • Dates for online lectures during this time window will be announced.
  • Participants may attend these lectures online or see the recording if unable to attend during the broadcast time.
  • Post the allotted time window for the course, evaluations will commence for awarding completion certificates.

10. Is the course compulsory for all students?

No. Enrolment in this course is not mandated by the school. It is a value adding opportunity being made accessible by the school to all those interested in enhancing their overall knowledge, perspective, communication skills, confidence and personality, over and above what is offered by the school curriculum.

11. What will be the basis of evaluation?

  • There will be an online assessment which, those enrolled can take once they complete all the sessions in a Unit. There will be a time window during which participants can complete their online assessment.
  • marks will be required to successfully complete the online assessment.
  • Post successful completion of online assessment, participants will have to make an online presentation to a panel of judges on topics of their choice from the Unit. They will be graded by the panel on the same. All presentations will have to be completed within the specified time window, to be announced. Details of the dates and instructions for registering for the same will be announced once the online assessment window is closed.
  • Post the presentation, participants will be grouped into batches for online Group Discussions on listed topics, with a panel of judges. They will be graded by the panel on the same. Dates, Batches and Topics and instructions for registering will be announced once the Presentation Assessment window is closed.
  • The total of all the grades will go towards determining the final score for the Unit and awarding of the Unit Completion certificate, which will be mailed to the participants.

12. Can we pursue more than one level at a time?

NO. Even though multiple Levels may be open at the same time, each participant can register only for one Level at a time and complete the same in the sequence of Level 1 to Level 4.

13. Are study materials available online? From where to access/buy the text book?

Study material will comprise of :
  • Reference Textbook – Physical book or Kindle edition.
  • Additional reading material as mentioned in the course syllabus which will be available online for free read.
  • Extra related topics will also be highlighted, which the participant can look up on their own based on interest.
  • Informative Films for free viewing.
  • Recorded Lectures available only for course participants.

14. Will classes be conducted online?

YES. Schedule for online lectures will be announced as the course starts.

15. How many sessions will be conducted per Level?

This will vary for each Level. For instance, Level 1 will have 16 sessions, 8 Lectures and assessments. 

17. Can outsiders pursue this course?

Each course will have a target audience and will be mentioned in course brochure.

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